Kylie Jenner – you were right

//Kylie Jenner – you were right

We just love Laser Genesis too.

As a comfortable and highly recommended treatment for acne and post acne scars, this is one of the best. Increased collagen product assist by remodelling scar tissue to flatten raised skin lesions, like scarring. There is also some evidence that active acne can also benefit from this laser therapy.

Happily, it doesn’t stop there. The controlled dermal heating that is delivered by this genuine laser device is well tolerated and requires minimal preparation and the post treatment care involves judicious use of a quality sunscreen. So fast, comfortable, results-driven and easily tolerated.

Lines, Wrinkles, Redness – no thanks!

For a solid skin boost and to dial back the years on just about any complexion consider photo rejuvenation. In less than an hour, a very comfortable treatment can be conducted, with medical grade results and little or no downtime. What’s not to love?

We recommend Laser Genesis for lines and wrinkles because this treatment is proven to generate collagen synthesis. Generating quality collagen in increased quantity within your skin means thickening of skin, and plumping and recovery of fine lines and wrinkles. It also means no injections or foreign products enter the skin, so the result is entirely natural – a very important consideration as many people would rather no improvement if the risk of an artificial appearance is present.

Proven Collagen Stimulation

This is one of the very few treatments with little or more commonly no downtime and achieves a skin rejuvenating result – proven to stimulate collagen production in a number of medical studies. (1)

Coarse Pores – a sign of ageing skin

Coarse open pores are a challenge to treat and occur as part of the acne cycle and the ageing process. To refine skin texture, genuine Laser Genesis is proven to reduce the size of pores and give a refined and improved skin texture. The procedure takes less than an hour and has little or no downtime – a true lunchtime cosmetic marvel.

(1) Genesis-Goldberg-Arch-Derm-2004

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