Powerful Antioxidant Support – Resveratrol

//Powerful Antioxidant Support – Resveratrol


This favourite of Vita’s is a high potency phytonutrient with anti-ageing properties. A powerful Resveratrol supplement derived from the roots of Fallopian Japonica (Japanese knotweed) — one of the richest sources of this valuable and versatile phytonutrient.
Resveratrol 100mg provides a range of health benefits: it has potent antioxidant; anti- inflammatory actions; as well as being cardio-protective and neuro-protective; it provides support for healthy joint function, whilst supporting the immune system and helping to slow the ageing process. Resveratrol supports telomere lengthening, protects chromosomal damage and is an anti aging antioxidant.
This powerful phtyonutrient builds collagen blocking collagenase, blocks the stress pathways that initiate inflammation. The ultimate free radical scavenger.
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One of Vita's favourite supplements for skin health

One of Vita’s favourite supplements for skin health

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